Ruth was a woman from the country of Moab. She married Mahlon after his family emigrated there to escape the famine. Mahlon’s father died in the journey to Moab. After Mahlon died Ruth’s mother in law Naomi instructed her to go back to her own family in Bethlehem without her. Naomi was by herself because Mahlon’s brother Chilion also died. 

Naomi told Ruth and Chilion’s wife Orpah that she would be going back to her town of Bethlehem where she used to live and that she and Orpah should return to their families. Ruth did not want Naomi to be alone so she decided to join Naomi on her trip back to Bethlehem. She did not want Naomi to be by herself after her husband’s tragic death.

While in Bethlehem Ruth made a living for herself and her mother in law by gleaning kernels from barley harvests.  Which is a very tough job. Then one day Ruth met the owner of a field named Boaz. Naomi persuaded Ruth to marry Boz. Ruth then had a son called Obed who was father to King David.

The story of Ruth shows us the beauty of female leadership. Ruth could have went back to her family and relied on their help. But she went along with Naomi making a living for themselves by gleaning kernels from the barley harvests. She wanted to go after her goal which was to help Naomi out.

So all of the women reading this can be Ruth. They can be leaders. A women from Saudi Arabia can be a Crew Chief in Nascar. Women can be a welding supervisor at their local factory. A woman can lead her family full time at home. She can be a stay at home mom if she wants to. She doesn’t have to climb the career ladder to be accomplished. Because raising a family from the ground up is already quite the tall task. Vertical farming a family is a major accomplishment in it’s own right.


Moses parts the Red Sea

Moses was on a mission being sent by God to get the Pharaoh to set the Israelites free since they have been slaves in Egypt for over 400 years. The Pharaoh refused until God sent plagues upon Egypt. The Israelites were finally free. Moses then followed then God’s GPS as he took the Israelites through the scorching hot desert to the Red Sea.

Moses and the Israelites thought their troubles were over. But they were not. The Pharaoh changed his mind and sent his squad on a chase in his chariots to get the Israelites back into his grasp. They were catching up but Moses was not worried telling the Israelites to not be scared because God would lead the way.

Moses then put his hand above the Red Sea and a open path was open in the middle of the Sea for the Israelites to go through with the water being transferred to the sides. Once the Israelites and Moses got to the other side the Pharaoh’s army was closing up on them. But then God closed the Red Sea. There was no middle path anymore. The Pharaoh’s Army drowned. The Israelites did not have to fear no more. They were not going to be slaves.

We see that God can “free” people by opening up unique paths for them in life. As is the case for young people with a worthless degree. God “frees them” from that “worthless degree” by giving them meaning.

That worthless degree seems worthless. It starts out as a coaster for your drink but then it turns you in a co-star who’s getting people to buy them drinks.

Carrie Underwood’s singing career was not taking off so she decided to start studying Mass Communications at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. But a little show named American Idol came along and Underwood decided to audition for it. She ended up winning the 4th season of American Idol and became a country superstar.

Carrie Underwood ended up finishing her degree but it seems like it was useless as she is still a huge country music superstar instead of being a Mass Communications professional. But was her degree worthless?

Just having a good voice doesn’t make someone a good singer. Because there are millions of singers out there. So to be a singer you need to be a entertainer. You need to communicate your distinct look. Carrie Underwood learned that communication from majoring in Mass Communications. She used that Mass Communications degree to communicate her persona to the masses.

Before starting her writing career Olga Tokarczuk practiced psychology at the University of Warsaw. Once she started writing the rest was history as Olga Tokarczuk recently received the Noble Prize for Literature.

It seems like Tokarczuk never used her psychology degree but she did. Tokarczuk said in a recent interview that Carl Jung’s psychology is the basis for her writing. And i am not surprised. Her books really delve into psychology. Flights is a long book totaling 416 pages but it contains many short vignettes about a fictional group of Slavic travelers. She dives into the minds of all those characters which only a psychologist could do.

You could also look at comedian Ken Jeong. He was a doctor before becoming a comedian. And guess what makes up a lot of his act? His stint as a doctor. He even had a sitcom called.. you guess it.. Dr. Ken.

So don’t get discouraged if you currently have a worthless degree. Because God will make that worthless degree worth it.


What is The Old Testament Made New?

This blog The Old Testament Made New is where classic Old Testament stories are reinterpreted in a modern way.

Check out these stories below which have been already been published:


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The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

God was mad at the extent of the Israelites sinning so he told Moses to go to the top of Mount Sinai. God then struck Mount Sinai with lightning. There were then two tablets that appeared. Those tablets were The Ten Commandments that were written by God. Moses then showed the Ten Commandments to the Israelites from the Top of Mount Sinai.

The Ten Commandments Are:

1). You Shall Not Have Any Gods Before Me(religions of Spirituality, Astrology, etc)
2). You Shall Not Make Any False Idols ( Sneaker culture, Fast Fashion obsession, etc…)
3). Don’t Take God’s Name In Vain
4). Remember to keep the Sabbath Day Holy
5). Respect Your Father and Mother
6). You Shall Not Murder(Drone strikes etc)
7). You Shall Not Have an Affair
8). You Shall Not Steal (Panama Papers, Disney’s copyright “Kimba the White Lion etc, Native American Land stolen from Native Americans)
9). You Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Your Neighbors (Gossip Magazines such as TMZ)
10). You Shall be jealous of your “Neighbor’s” success (they have no debt etc).

God’s Ten Commandments are set in stone. Modern Society likes making all their laws on social media but those Internet Commandments do not supersede God’s Commandments because the Ten Commandments are made of stone while the Internet’s Commandments are fluid being in a constant state of change. They take up space in an hourglass clock while the Ten Commandments are stored in a Grandfather clock.

The Ten Commandments were given to Moses at the top of Mount Sinai for all to see while these Internet Commandments are only accessible to those who make them. You can’t see those Internet laws so how do you know you are following them correctly and that they won’t change in a millisecond?

So we need to follow The Ten Commandments before these Internet Commandments. They can overlap and that’s good but overall if we have to decide which to listen to we should listen to The Ten Commandments created by God instead of these Internet Commandments. Because God’s Word is the most important.

Jonah in the Belly

God sent Jonah to Nineveh to get the town to repent because the townspeople were in a constant state of sin. Jonah hated the residents of Nineveh and believed that they should be punished instead of being told to repent. So he went on a ship to the town of Tarshish instead.

Jonah was woken upon by a sailor on the ship when there was a huge storm. The sailors told Jonah to pray to his God because the ship would go overboard if the storm did not stop. Jonah then told the sailors to throw him in the water because the storm was his punishment for not listening to God. The sailors tried steering the ship back to land but they had no success.

So they regretfully threw Jonah overboard. A huge fish which was a whale then swallowed Jonah. Jonah then stayed in the whale’s belly for three days and three nights cut off from the outside world. Jonah then thanked God for saving him and the whale then spit Jonah out on land.

Jonah then listened to God after being saved by him. He went in Nineveh and told the townspeople to repent. The townspeople obliged with God’s request and repented.

Jonah had to leave the bubble of the outside world entering the secluded world which was the whale’s belly to grow closer to God. That is where Jonah was completely alone in his thoughts with God. There were no distractions that pulled Jonah away from God like Jonah’s trip to Tarshish.
It was just Jonah and God. That is how Jonah changed his mind. Because he thought it through and realized God was right. That Jonah should go to Nineveh.

Our addiction to our cellphones nowadays causes us to grow away from God instead of growing closer. To grow closer to God we need to get inside that whale’s belly.

We can do that by building in silent prayer in our schedule every week. A fixed time where we are completely away from our cellphones at home. Just alone in our thoughts with God. So go inside that whale’s belly! And you will grow closer to God away from the technological distractions of this world.


Samson was Manoah’s son. Before Samson was born an angel sent by God went to Manoah and his wife and told them that Samson can never have his hair cut during his life. Manoah and his wife agreed to that request. When Samson was born God made him very buff. Then God made Samson the Judge of Israel. Samson was very strong as a judge defeating the Philistines in the process.

One Day Samson fell in love with a woman named Delilah. He did not know though that she was sent by the Philistines to figure out why Samson was so strong. Samson told Delilah that if he was tied up with seven leather cords then he would lose his strength. So Delilah tied him up then yelled that the Philistines were there. That did not stop Samson. He woke up and Boom! The cords were broken. Delilah then kept on asking Samson again and again what his secret was but he kept on misleading her. Finally, he caved in and told Delilah that he would lose his strength if his hair was cut. Delilah then cut Samson’s hair when he fell asleep. The Philistines then captured him since his strength was gone. He was then taken to the Philistines pagan temple as a slave.

Samson then in the pagan temple prayed to his God for his strength to come back to defeat the Philistines. Samson then regained his strength and broke free from the temple. Samson’s strength at the end of the day was not in his long hair. It was in his devoted relationship with God. Because even when Samson’s hair was not fully grown back his strength was back because he would continue serving God by defeating the Philistines.

The story of Samson can be related to Instagram Influencers today. Instagram Influencers need to follow the example of Samson. About how we gain true strength by being devoted to God. Not because of our appearances. Sugar Bear Hair Gummies won’t accomplish that for them. Going to the gym for four hours every day won’t accomplish that for them. Drinking flat tummy teas won’t accomplish that for them. Because true strength can ultimately only be accomplished based on one’s devotion to God.

Noah’s Ark

Noah and his family were the only ones chosen by God to survive on the Earth since they were not constantly in a state of sin. Noah was told by God to build an ark and put two of every animal of it. A vast flood would then be created by God to wipe out the Earth. Noah and his family survived that flood since they were on their ark which they built according to God’s instructions.

After the flood ended Noah and his family returned to start their life anew. God then promised Noah that he would never create another flood to wipe out the entire Earth again. God rewarded Noah and his family because they followed him. They listened to his vision which they constructed. God allowed Noah and his family to leave the Old World to be the people to join his New World because of that.

God will allow all of us to be on every “New World” if we continue to follow him. We can get through every “Old World” if we follow him. As long as we stand by his side he will have an ark ready for us to swim forward in our faith. From… Generation Millennials… to Generation Z etc.. people have and will get through all these Old Worlds by following God. The fashion will change. The music will change. But we won’t “drown” if we have that trust in God.

David and Goliath

David and Goliath is the original underdog story about how David who was the humble shepherd who trusted in God defeated Goliath the giant who was holding a huge bronze spear. David only had a sling but he used it very well. He put a rock on it then flung it killing Goliath. This underdog story stands the test of time.

Anyone can be a David nowadays succeeding against the Goliath’s of the world if they have that trust in God which David had.

You may not be able to afford to go to a four-year college or university straight out of high school because your parents can’t afford it since those schools are way too expensive. So you go to community college for two years then transfer to a four-year school. This can cause you to lose out on the social life at community college so you are at a disadvantage. You may also be at another disadvantage with networking since you are transferring into a four-year school instead of starting there.

But you have a big advantage once you graduate. Since you went to a community college you have substantially less debt than those who went to a four-year school. So your initial hindrance becomes an advantage. You can move out of your parent’s house quickly since you don’t have too much debt. You can buy your own house since the money you make goes into your bank account instead of student loan debt. You can take a low paying dream job after graduation because you do not have student loan debt to worry about. You can start a business fairly soon since you don’t have student loans setting you back.

So your community college degree makes you the David which beats the Goliath which is the expensive four-year degree as long as you have faith in God that you will overcome the disadvantage that you have.

Sarah and Abraham

Sarah and Abraham

Sarah and Abraham were both very old so they could not have children. Sarah was ninety years old while Abraham was one hundred years old. It looked like they would stay as a family of two forever. Until God told Abraham and Sarah that they would finally become parents. Sarah would give birth. A short time later Sarah then gave birth to Isaac. Sarah and Abraham’s faith in having children in God’s universe to show their child the beauty of it helped them overcome the impossible becoming parents at such an old age.

Young single people today can learn a timeless lesson about marriage from Sarah and Abraham. That lesson is that building a family can take time. Many young millennials today feel like they have to get married as soon as possible or else they will never have kids because they will be too old to do so. That if they don’t have kids in their early twenties then they are destined to a life without children. Which is not the truth. Generally, nowadays most people live longer lives due to modern medicine. They live longer than the norm like Abraham and Sarah. So walking down the altar at 19 is less common since the average lifespan overall is way longer because of modern medicine.

So don’t get frustrated if you are in your early twenty’s and are not yet married. Have faith in God that he will show you your soulmate one day where you two will then have kids. Always be open to his plan. Don’t get discouraged if you are failing. You may get married having kids at the age of twenty-six or thirty-four. It will depend on what God’s plan for you is. Like God’s plan for Abraham and Sarah.

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